Private Tours

Private Tours

Our mission at Algarve Limos is to provide a service that exceed the expectations of our customers.
With a focus on personalised service, where you will have the opportunity to know Portugal in all its aspects: geographical, historical, cultural and gastronomic cuisine. Having as priority, provide welfare and relaxed comfort, before, during and after each ride.
For more information ask us for a quote and describe all your wishes.

Our Algarve Limos ® services on board

·         Snacks and drinks can be bought on board. You can purchase these easily from our friendly chauffer.

·         Bar area with storage places for drinks, glasses, and ice.

·         Free on-board Wi-Fi

·         TV / DVD / CD / USB-Pen

·         Air conditioning

·         Dual privacy divider

·         Unique lighting

·         Tinted windows

·         Leather interior